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“What a pleasure it has been to deal with Highbridge from the beginning of the buying process all the way through the installation and training. We knew we needed to upgrade our phones, but weren’t even sure where to start. Their team walked us through the options and helped us get a phone system that would meet our needs for the foreseeable future.


We were also concerned about the interruption in our business, but that didn’t happen. The changeover was seamless. The phones are great and have given us a lot of new, convenient features. As with any new system the training and follow up are so important. The time they spent with our staff was fantastic and the response time for ongoing service has been pretty much immediate. I am very happy with our decision to work with Highbridge.”


Jim Connell, CPA
Financial Advisor
Connell Financial Group, LLC

“I have to say when I met with Dan and his group in the beginning when we were moving our business over it was pleasurable and nice to know all would be taken care of for me. They basically said let us worry about everything and we will have everything turn-key by the time you are ready to move in. It was a peace of mind for me as I struggle with technology, to begin with, so knowing I could let go of the wheel was reassuring.


I was very pleased with Highbridge Communication even though I was skeptical, to begin with. I was not familiar with this type of telephone service and I thought the quality was going to be compromised. I am happy to say that two years later things are still running smoothly, the sound quality is perfect, and I never worry about my phone system. Even if there is a blip here and there it is troubleshot and dealt with immediately. Also, the cost of the phone system is so much more reasonable, and it comes right out of my account and I receive a bill for my records monthly.


I can’t say enough how happy I am with the service and quality of Highbridge Communication.”


Barb St. Pierre
Trillium Sports & Fitness Center

“Highbridge Communications has been a great partner for us in the technology world.   The phone service they provided is a straightforward, manageable system that is flexible in our ever-changing business.


The support behind the system is what differentiates Highbridge Communications from any competitor. They provide fast consistent service through very knowledgeable staff.


They made the transition to working from home very seamless for us.  We have worked with HBC to have remote capability as part of our disaster recovery plan.   With the pandemic,  the plan was implemented and we had 90% of our workforce working remotely the next day.   Our customers do not know the difference and we are able to continue working with no issues.  Thank you HBC!

I have recommended Highbridge and will continue to recommend them to all my business contacts.”


Kevin Rude
Gannon Associates

“Having Highbridge Communications as part of our team has truly brought our operations to the next level. Highbridge transformed our stone-age phone system into an agile, customizable, vastly capable system. Not only does Highbridge physically handle our equipment needs, but with their technology, Highbridge allows us to look deeper into our business efficiencies by analyzing data such as call routing, call queue options, hold times, and much more. They have provided insight to us that we have never had before with any other phone system.


On top of this, the Highbridge team will go above and beyond to ensure we are always running smoothly, and that our questions and concerns are attended to very quickly. They are always monitoring their own response times and trying to improve, which we love. They bring that attitude to everything they do, always providing the best in both service and the technology itself.”


Kris Triana
Compassionate Family Medicine

“When the time came to upgrade our old and outdated phone system I did extensive research and evaluated 6 different providers. No one came close to Highbridge Communications. Their technology offering was rivaled only by that of Ring Central but their price and service offering far exceeded all other providers. Highbridge Communications saved us 50% on our monthly phone bill while providing a solution that eclipsed other providers in features and flexibility.


During our transition, they were on site and made themselves immediately available for support to ensure our migration went as smoothly as possible. On top of everything else, I was able to feel good about supporting a local business.

I would encourage anyone looking to move to a VOIP phone solution to seriously consider Highbridge…you won’t be disappointed.”


Paul A.
Riccelli Enterprises

“The first day we were told to work from home and I had to call the Garam Group for help I had no idea any of the technicians were working from home.  The receptionist said I will see who is available to help you as usual, as if she could see the technicians sitting beside her in their office.  I was shocked when they told me they were all working from home.


Many of our employees are working from home also.  The employees at home are able to answer their calls as if they were working in their office with no problems, totally seamless. Thank you!”


Francine J Race, VP
Security Officer
Seneca Savings

“As the COVID-19 crisis started to unfold, our office started getting things in place if we would need to work from home.  The first thing I did was to contact HBC to find out what options we had for our phones.  Within the day, I spoke to Molly and we discussed the best option for having phone access from home.  She walked me through getting it set up and it was operational that day.  I have been able to continue to work at the office but because I am here alone, having the ability to answer our office phones from my cell phone has been very freeing.  The set-up was so easy on my part and it works perfectly for us.”


Christy Perkins
Dermatology Consultants

“We are a company with multiple offices statewide and people working from their homes on a normal day.  Highbridge Communications has worked with us to set up a VOIP phone system that allows us to access each other with the ease of only dialing an extension number to contact a coworker, whether they are in the next cubicle or across the state.


When the COVID virus started to be a concern, we sent many employees home to work.  Highbridge was there to help our people get set up in their home environment assuring that they still have that same ease of communicating with the rest of the company.  Together with their sister company, The Garam Group, they have kept our phones, computers and network up and running.  We have called them time and time again for help and their response has always been timely and they have always solved the issue.


They have also offered us a free conference bridge to facilitate group phone calls during this pandemic.  Their proactive thinking, competent service, and friendly customer care make us glad we have them to support us during this time.”


We are available as a reference if anyone would like to speak to us about our relationship with Highbridge Communications or The Garam Group.”


Bill Snow

“Highbridge Communications has provided our team here at LaFayette Alliance Church in Lafayette, New York with an extremely positive, seamless experience as we have made the transition to working from home. The HBC staff have all been very accessible and helpful in every way as we have made this transition.


For myself, as the Office Administrator, I have found it very easy, with HBC’s help, to handle all phone calls from home using the ReachUC app. I enjoy the ease of using the app and haven’t experienced any difficulty at all.


We have been very pleased with both the help we have received and our at-home phone experience during this transitional time. Our team here at LaFayette Alliance Church would highly recommend HighBridge Communications for every business!”


Sue Walker
Lafayette Alliance Church

“Just a quick Thank you – with our new phone system relocating our office administrative assistant home was a breeze – the phone was set up to be forwarded to her cell phone (same for all the pastors) – everyone receives calls coming into the church number on their cell phones – when they answer these calls the number that shows on the caller’s phone is our church number – which keeps our private cell phones private – extremely important for all of us.  Very happy we have the phone system we do – even more so in these difficult times.”


Greg Cunningham
Northside Church

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