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A Customized Solution For Your Business


New Phone System

Voice Over IP

Call Center Software

Access Anywhere

Technical Support

Hosted Fax

Flexible Payments

Communications For All Stages of Growth

Our small business solutions tailor our enterprise level platform to the needs of your small business. We offer the ability to scale with your business as you grow without needing to change equipment.

Our enterprise level solutions are perfect for larger offices of any scale. Hospitals, universities, corporate offices, and call centers all benefit from our customized solutions. With unlimited ability to scale your solution as your business grows and rich detailed reporting, you have all the tools you need to succeed.

From Our Team

Hosted Phone

Disaster Recovery – Built in disaster recovery utilizing redundant data centers, means you will always have access

Virtual Voicemail – Receive your voicemail in your inbox with virtual voicemail sent directly to your email so that you can access them anywhere, anytime.

Communications Analysis – Make smarter decisions for your business by monitoring your system through your company dashboard.

Lots of other advantages – There are many advantages to a cloud hosted phone system.  Watch our videos to learn more.

New Phone System

Modern Phone System – Modernize your phone systems with out the investment for premise based phone systems.

All Types Of Equipment – We have a wide range of equipment to support all your communication needs. We’d be glad to help you choose the best option for your business.

Voice Over IP and International Calling

Reduce Monthly Phone Costs – Voice over IP technology allows businesses to greatly reduce their monthly phones costs over traditional copper-wire telephone systems.

Reach Anywhere – International calling is simple with Voice Over IP technology.

SMS From Your Business Phone – You can use SMS and texting features from your business phone! Watch our videos to learn more.

Call Center Options

Call Center Software – Built in data reporting, and custom management options make maintaining a call center simple.

Virtual Call Center – With your call center hosted by us, don’t worry about downtime, or outages. Just focus on your customer.

Stay Connected

Access Anywhere – Access your system from anywhere. We make it easy to stay connected.

Smart Phone Applications – Stay connected on the go with smart phone applications that allow you to take your calls even when you are away from the office. Watch our videos to learn more.

Use Your Business Phone From Home – Need to work from home?  Simply plug your business phone into your home internet connection and once it starts up it’s business as ussual.  Watch our videos to learn more.

What do customers think about our services?

Hosted Fax

Email Based – Send and receive faxes all through your email account.

No Added Equipment – Our hosted fax solutions allow you to send and receive faxes without the bulky equipment.

Improve your faxing

24/7 Support

Technical Support – We are available 24/7 to help troubleshoot issues or answer questions.

Supportive Staff – We are here to support your business at every level with our friendly support staff and knowledgeable engineers.

Flexible Payments

No Upfront Payments – Our systems can be billed as a monthly service eliminate sizable initial purchases

We Work With You – We can customize your payment schedule to meet your needs.

We can’t wait to build a custom solution that will help your business succeed.