Great features of a Highbridge Communications Phone System

Our cloud-based PBX business phone systems has lots of great features.

Our Highbridge Communications Phone System has some huge advantages over a traditional on-premise phone system. It offers features like:


  • Advanced Autoattendants
  • Call Routing to Mobile Phones
  • Mobiel Application that makes any mobile device a true PBX extension
  • Customized Music On Hold or Messages
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Fax support to and from traditional fax machines
  • Business SMS
  • SMS Autobots
  • And much more . . .

Watch the videos below that explain some of the best features of your new cloud-based VoIP Business Phone System:


Business Phone Systems: VoIP Cloud Based Hosted PBX vs. Traditional Premise Based Phones

In this video, you’ll learn the differences between a business class cloud VoIP solution and a traditional premised based phone system.
See the advantages of a Highbridge Communications cloud based VoIP system can provide for your business.




VoIP Unified Communications – How to use your cellphone to access your VoIP Business Phone System

Our Highbridge Communications Phone System is now integrated with ReachUC, a suite of advanced UC applications and tools. With ReachUC and a Highbridge Communications Phone System, users can access the same communications features from their SIP desk phone, mobile app, or desktop environment.


Features include VoIP, Video, SMS and text chat, PBX presence and contact management, web conferencing, fax, and push notifications. The application is available on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices as well as Mac and Windows desktops.




Business SMS: Text Messaging From Your Business Phone System To Improve Customer Support

Text messaging is the preferred form of communication for many people today but the problem is most business phone lines are not SMS capable. This means you’re business is missing out on an important channel of communication with your customers.


With a VoIP Business Phone System from Highbridge Communications, we can enable your primary business line to be able to send and receive text messages. Improve communication and support with your customers and clients.




SMS Bot: Setup Your VoIP Business Phone System to Auto Reply To Text Messages From Customers

People are relying on text messaging more than ever. Many people prefer to send a text message than talk on the phone. This presents a challenge for business owners because most business phone lines can’t receive SMS messages and even if it could how do you make sure it gets to the right person?


This video will show you how a Highbridge Communications VoIP Business Phone System can handle SMS messages, route them to the correct people, and even auto reply, like an autoresponder, to provide valuable information to your customers and clients.




Can Your Business Phone Work From Home? The power of a cloud based VoIP Phone System

With the spread of COVID-19 businesses are scrambling to find ways to allow their employees and teams to work from home. The data is the easy part thanks to VPNs and services like Dropbox and OneDrive. But what about your business phone system? Are you expecting employees to bring their computers home and try to handle all their business phone calls on their cellphones?


If you had a VoIP Business Phone System from Highbridge Communications your team could simply take their business phone home, plug it into their internet connection and make and receive calls as usual.